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  • WHO CARES WHAT'S ON THE RUNWAYS? Pink Pedicure is all about YOU

    You're unique. No one else is quite the same. That's why it's insane to have some fashion society establishment dictate to you what's in and what's not.

    The Pink Pedicure girl is fashion forward. She's funky, fresh, urban with a retro flair. She's vintage, emo, punk, throwback, indie. She's trendy without being a slave to. She's a collective of many different styles, hewing her own independence out of the stale rock of "couture".

    Though we come to you from Los Angeles with a distinct So Cal vibe, no celebrity worship will you find here. You're looking for your own sense of style. Pink Pedicure shows you how with a fun daily style tip detailing the latest fashion, accessories, culture and fun...all that won't break the piggy bank.

    Get your style on now.

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